When Business for Social Responsibility convenes a meeting with its network of over 250 member companies, you know it will be a role model for green events. The BSR Conference 2014 was no exception. Regularly ranked by independent analysts as one of the top corporate responsibility events globally, the BSR Conference featured expert speakers, a creative program and a community of sustainability leaders who together are building the business of a better world.

BSR’s commitment to this sustainable event began early in the meeting planning process with the decisions about venue, vendors and food choices. Their successes included:

  • 100% of fruits sourced locally and seasonally; no tropical fruits were offered
  • 100% vegetarian ingredients for lunch
  • 100% shade grown, organic, fair trade coffee
  • 100% locally-sourced ingredients from the Hudson Valley were featured in a themed reception
  • 100% china service for all catering functions, no disposable service items were offered
  • 100% post-consumer recycled paper was used for signage when electronic signage was not available
  • 100% of conference travel and energy use were offset

The event’s case study exemplifies the 2014 conference theme of “Transparency & Transformation” as it openly shares the successes and challenges of producing sustainable events. We invite you to read, learn and use these ideas to transform your own meetings.