Kind Words From Our Clients

  • "When I'm feeling anxious about everything that has to be done in order to hit critical deadlines, it's a tremendous relief to get on the phone with the MeetGreen team. Carole and Britta's calm and creative problem-solving are confidence-inspiring. I always feel better within minutes."

    Sam Hummel
    Director of Outreach & Operations
    Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council
  • It’s been my pleasure to work with MeetGreen since 2006, so *almost* from the beginning of EclipseCon. No matter what we throw at you, your team handles it with expertise and grace. I look forward to every conference, knowing it will go smoothly and be as stress-free as possible.
    Anne Jacko
    Eclipse Foundation
  • Thanks so much! I continue to be impressed by MeetGreen’s thoroughness and professionalism!
    Bridget Baker
    Events Manager
    Virgin Unite
  • I felt like a priority in MeetGreen’s eyes.
    Kailin MacKenzie
    Project Manager
    The Taylor Group
  • MeetGreen is an indispensable partner and resource in performing an annual sustainability check-up. The data MeetGreen collects is essential to evaluate progress against our goal to be a zero-waste event by 2018
    Paul Salinger
    Vice President of Marketing
  • Our goal is to leave a legacy of improved capacity for sustainable events in every city we visit - something we’ve been able to consistently deliver throughout our decade-long partnership with MeetGreen.
    Jan Sneegas
    Unitarian Universalist Association
    Director of Conference Services
  • Your "If One Attendee" tool looks like a great way to engage attendees in sustainability goals.
    Levi Wickwire
    Society for Ecological Restoration
    Program Manager
  • You are the real deal. MeetGreen has set the bar for commitment, know-how, and results. Keep up the great work.
    Peter Templeton
    Green Building Certification Institute
  • The sustainability knowledge of MeetGreen’s consultants and their tools are industry leading, and help to increase implementation time while reducing work and stress levels! MeetGreen helped MCI to accelerate the introduction of green meeting practices.
    Guy Bigwood
    Group Sustainability Director
  • We never would have been able to meet the conference’s goals without the dedication, talent, and vision of your team at MeetGreen.
    Cynthia Martinez
    Division Chief
    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • What a pleasure it has been to work with you and your team! MeetGreen did us proud with some of the best events across the years of the conference. Only an excellent team could have pulled this conference off with such grace.
    Will Pinfold
    Conference Chair
  • It is always wonderful to work with the leaders in our industry who are truly kicking in the door for change.
    Kimberly Lewis
    US Green Building Council
    VP Conference & Events
  • I was very impressed with MeetGreen’s management system. It is clear that the firm has fully integrated environmental and social considerations into their business as well as into products and services that they are offering to their clients.
    Tim Sunderland
    Lead Examiner
    ISO 20121
  • I could only give you endless examples of how MeetGreen is simply the best meeting planning organization I’ve ever worked with and how they year after year, organize and execute our conferences painlessly, profitably, and to the benefit of our attendees.
    Bjorn Freeman-Benson
    Past EclipseCon & OOPSLA Conference Director
  • I rely on MeetGreen and consider them an extension of our own internal team. They are experts in what they do and consistently provide the highest level of service. I have recommended them to many colleagues because they provide professional, friendly and trustworthy service.
    Pamela Schwartz
    Director of Conferences
  • From the many environmentally friendly aspects of conference education to the use of on-line technologies and tools, your company understood our vision for the beginning. I especially appreciated the laughter the helped get us though some high-pressure situations.
    Cynthia Martinez
    Division Chief
    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Rebecca Mebane is an excellent choice as project coordinator. She managed to develop a rapport with the organizers that smoothed over the rough spots. (Rebecca did an) outstanding job, (was a) great negotiator and was always mindful of the conference budget. Rebecca also prepared a cost analysis which is great for future SC conferences and events. Rebecca and her team were friendly and always had smiles on their faces.
    Carmen Saliba
    IEEE Computer Society
    Supervisor, Conference Support Services
  • I wanted to thank you and the MeetGreen for another very successful EclipseCon. It is always a pleasure working with you and your team. The feedback from the conference attendees has been very positive and we are on our way to meeting our financial goals. You and the MeetGreen team will a critical part of making this happen. The MeetGreen team is always professional, capable and fun to work with. I look forward to working with you on future conferences.
    Ian Skerrett
    Director of Marketing
    Eclipse Foundation
  • What sets MeetGreen apart is their many years of experience in organizing sustainable meetings. It is reassuring to know that they have come across many of the pitfalls of organizing sustainable events and have overcome many of the these with knowledge gained over a long time.
    Dale Hudson
    Knowledge and Events Director
    IMEX Group