A random act of kindness big or small can make such a difference in someone’s life. Just smiling and saying “Hello” to a total stranger has a profound impact on the world around us. The MeetGreen team celebrated 25 years of sustainable events this year. Our team reflected on the past year and here are some acts of kindness we experienced.

Helping a teacher at school bring in supplies from Costco.

Participating in the volunteer work of 100 Strong Women collecting scarves & gloves for the community and getting them ready for distribution.

Volunteering on Thanksgiving at Meals on Wheels. Not only did we do what was asked, but went back for 1 more route to help out.

Donating supplies needed for the Boston Terrier Rescues.

Helping a co-work on the road at an event who was ill and needed medicine from the store.

An attendee buying a candy bar as a thank you for the help he received from the staff at registration.

An attendee giving a Nike store pass for the help he received at registration.

Picking up random trash while out on a walk.

We were cleaning out the garage and had a bunch of bags to take to recycling. When we got in line to put in the bottles and cans a couple of people walked up with a small bag that looked as though they had been collecting them from garbage cans. We gave them all of our bags and they were super happy!

I was cleaning out the guest room closet recently and found some grapevine wreath bases that I’d made years ago. Seeing those gave me the urge to create another holiday wreath, a craft project that I enjoy. I didn’t really need another one; there are already four adorning our house this Christmas. So, I decided to make one to give away to Steve and Lisa, the pastor of my church and his wife.

I shopped for the craft supplies, settling on a silver and white theme. I really wanted to include a pair of white doves to symbolize peace and the strong marital union of the recipients. I finally found some in the third store I checked.

When I presented the finished wreath to the pastor and his wife, they were overwhelmed. She said they had just been at a craft store the previous week, wanting a wreath but not buying one because it wasn’t in their budget. And, unknown to me, doves are a particular favorite of Lisa’s.

This little craft project that I enjoyed making brought them so much delight. I am learning not to ignore impulses to do good things for others. It not only brings joy to others, but makes me feel happy as well. I truly believe the old adage, “The more you give, the more you will receive.”

Our family does a monthly giving thing where we pick a charity or cause that we feel passionate about and we make a donation each month. We’ve given to Heifer International, Coral Reef Alliance, some friends of ours whose father has esophageal cancer, Cure EB (butterfly children), our local school that needed sports equipment, and a few others.

My car was involved in a hit and run accident parked on the street. There were witnesses in the neighborhood that tried to stop the drive as he was driving away. The witnesses made sure to give me all the information they had to help me identify the driver. I was pleasantly surprised by their efforts and thankful they took the time to help me.

After my daughter had surgery navigating through the airport and flying back from Florida there were several nice people who were so kind as to help me just move through to my seat or to baggage claim. With her leg in a cast at 4 years old I had to push a stroller and carry so much. There were strangers helping me into our seats, carrying our bags and allowing us to just settle in with more ease.

Volunteered this year with the YWCA at a women’s shelter cleaning hallways, bathrooms, kitchen, common space.

Volunteered a couple of times at the children’s book bank.

Helping Harper’s Playground with donation requests by organizing their data base for donation requests and helping them send out their donation request letters for their charity event.

On several occasions when I am able to walk my son home from school we pick up trash along the way. He has begun doing this as well when we go hiking.