In our Fun Fact Friday series we are featuring team members from MeetGreen so you can learn more about us!

Romana Cohen
Sustainability Project Manager

What project are you currently working on?

The 2016 sustainable event report and case study for IMEX America, and planning for the UUA General Assembly in New Orleans in June!

Why do you like your job?

I like the variation and interdisciplinary combination of right and left-brain thinking. My role involves everything from strategy, creativity and education to data analysis, research and report writing. As a cultural anthropologist, I love behavior change, and this role involves lots of diagnosis, design and implementation of rapid, large-group behavior change systems and programs. Most of all, this role encourages my curiosity and requires constant learning.

What accomplishment in life are you most proud of?

Tough question! I’m proud of myself for going back to school seven years ago to get a life-altering MBA in Sustainable Business from Bainbridge Graduate Institute. While it was a big investment of time and resources, it has been fulfilling on many levels and brought me into a loyal tribe of climate and social justice warriors. So grateful for that experience, and years later, I’m still reflecting on the gifts that I received during that training.

How do you give back to your community?

I love to connect people, and I love to feed people. In addition, I’ve nurtured a deep and lasting (10 year) relationship with a darling outdoor music festival outside of Portland, called Pickathon. Each year I volunteer there and spend many hours, throughout the year, planning and organizing. It always comes back tenfold.

What do you do in your free time?

You can usually find me OUTSIDE when I’m not in the office. Whether trail running in the pre-dawn forest, camping on the weekends, playing a friendly soccer match, or biking through the city, I recharge my batteries by playing outside. Did you know that the average US child spends less than an hour playing outside these days! A crime!

What is on your bookshelf?

First, some rich, story-filled fiction, by a favorite like Don Delllo, Italo Calvino, or Ann Patchett. Then, a self-help book about communication or feelings. Love it. Maybe an abandoned book, halfway finished, from one of my three book clubs. Lastly, a book of poetry, or a Spanish or Hindi grammar book, or a NY times magazine. I like to keep it fresh, and I like to have options.