by Nancy Zavada, CMP

They say “what gets measured, matters.”  We couldn’t agree more.   Here at MeetGreen we love to use numbers to tell our story.  We often convert those numbers into more visual elements such as trees, elephants or Olympic swimming pools—it helps the human mind to understand the impact. Yet, even the raw data of our most recent year in business can be very telling…

Number of FTE employees 12
Percent working virtually 45
Number of client projects 252,336
Maximum single event participants 58,392
Minimum single event participants 50
Total events managed/mentored 857
Total number of direct vendors 341
Total number of event destinations 90
Total exhibitors/sponsors 3,440
Percent of company travel offset 100
Fines/citations received 0
Incentives received (>$25 per staff) 0
Privacy complaints 0
Fairness complaints 0
Workplace/safety incidents 0

This data from our latest corporate report transparently shows a thriving company working each and every day to make a difference—one event at a time.

What the numbers don’t tell you is about the passion, dedication and intelligence of our highly-skilled professional team; a team who seamlessly works together whether at the next desk or in another country.  They don’t tell you about the shared vision of making our world a better place through state-of-the art technology, information and best practices.  They don’t tell you about the flourishing creativity and serious fun we have and they don’t tell you we take our birthdays off.

Today, we are looking forward to creating a new, sustainable future for events.  We are exploring what connecting people will look like in a low-carbon economy.  We are addressing the challenges and opportunities for this next step in meeting design.

As MeetGreen passes the 20 year mark, I wish we had counted all of the paper saved, recycled or reused by managing our events sustainably and training others to do the same from day one.   What a powerful statement it would be to say, “MeetGreen saved 1,000, 10,000 or an entire forest of trees.”   While we will never know our exact impact, I am quite proud of the work we have done and the people we have inspired, and continue to be excited about the work ahead of us. As for me, I will always wonder, “How many is that in trees?”