At MeetGreen, we have been working diligently to find name badges that don’t require a plastic (vinyl) holder. As part of the “skip single-use plastic” movement, we are “over the holder.”

The name badge holders are made of PVC and our top three reasons for avoiding it are:

  1. PVC is the least recyclable plastic. (Green Peace, 2003)
  2. PVC manufacturing produces dioxin, a toxic chemical and potential carcinogen. According to the CDC, “the only level of dioxin exposure that should be considered acceptable from a public health perspective is zero.”
  3. PVC manufacturing uses plasticizers such as phthalates which are developmental and reproductive toxicants. (AWS)

The chart below shows the energy and emission savings associated with PVC holder production.

Quantity Weight (lbs) Energy Use (kWh)* Emissions (lbs CO2e)**
lbs/badge holder kWh/lb. PVC lbs CO2/lb PVC
0.08 15.2 5.5
100 8 121.6 44
500 40 608 220
1000 80 1216 440

* Reference 1

** Dartmouth College

The solutions found in the marketplace, including biodegradable plastic holders, still require energy/water and emit CO2e in production, and simply aren’t biodegradable within a reasonable amount of time. We have tested them all. So, going without, is the next step toward a sustainable name badge.

MeetGreen has found several options for name badges which will last up to a week of event activities without smearing, smudging, or rumpling. Ask us for more information on providing your attendees with a sustainable option.