MeetGreen, a leader in sustainable events and TerraPass, innovators in environmental impact reduction for both individuals and business, have teamed up to integrate the TerraPass Carbon Calculator into the MeetGreen website.  Featured in the Resources section of the MeetGreen website, the free TerraPass calculator allows users to determine their carbon footprint and purchase corresponding offsets.

The calculator has three sections, one for calculating personal carbon use, another for business carbon use and one for determining the carbon footprint for events. In the event carbon calculator, users enter data based on four categories: travel, venue, water and meals. Emissions are shown for each category as well as a total carbon emissions figure. Results are shown immediately and a full report is also sent by email. Users then have the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets, either for the entire event or per category. These offsets can be purchased monthly or in a one-time payment.

To learn more and use the free calculator, visit the product page. For a video demo of the calculator, .