The Power of the Pig: A Sustainable Approach to Food Recovery

Food Recovery Food recovery is challenging whether you are a conscientious planner, member of a venue team, or a sustainability professional. Ultimately, if we don't implement the recovery process, food waste will continue to pose a significant and ongoing challenge for our conferences and events. Let's talk about the "Power of the Pig!" Food [...]

One Bin, Two Bins, Red Bins, Blue Bins

Recycle Bins and Waste Bins Struggle with sorting your recyclables and waste? Why does every venue have its own style of bins? Every city, region, and country have their own rules. Confused? You should be! Average Diversion Rate The good news is you are not alone. The bad news is according to [...]

What’s the Impact on Digital Event Gifting?

Have you thought about impacts of digital event gifting? Meaning the the swag you send to each participant attending your event. Its definitely less impact to meet online but then you add in the event gifting and that's a whole other story. Many digital events reduce emissions by 95%+ over a typical in-person conference. However, [...]

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Resources for Digital Event Carbon Footprint Accounting

What is the carbon footprint of a digital event? How does it compare to a traditional in-person meeting? Recent events have profoundly changed how we convened and raised many compelling questions related to stakeholder engagement and our environment. While the digital events landscape was not inherently new. The entire delivery systems of an industry had [...]

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