IMEX America Rises to the Challenge

IMEX America is known for being high energy, vibrant and full of life.  It is also known for balancing those with mindfulness, wellness and healthy practices.  IMEX America is also known for sustainable practices and reducing their environmental footprint even when they are welcoming 10,732 participants using 14,310 room nights visiting 3,100 exhibitors. The first [...]

Healthy Events Start at Home

All this talk about healthy events here at MeetGreen resulted in the Spring Forward Challenge spearheaded by Shereen Vesalpour, Registration and Events Specialist. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, in fact it my help on our mission to get moving this spring. During the month of April, everyone tracked their walking and running miles [...]

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Helping Hands for Helping Hands

You want to help the local community, but you don’t know how to get started. Your to-do list is getting longer and longer without the additional research necessary to find an organization who is ready, willing and able to take advantage of your volunteers.  Volunteers who are only available at a specific time and date. [...]

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!

Is your conference or event becoming more sustainable?  Have you implemented green meeting initiatives?  Are you being more environmentally responsible while in the event destination? Have you told anyone about it? Often, organizations are making positive changes and leaving a lighter footprint on the planet but are not telling participants what is happening on their [...]

Sustainability Tips: Winning AND Learning

They say, "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn."  Participants in our session at the CMP Conclave this week did both.  Using an outcome driven meeting design, Mariela McIlwraith and I crowdsourced sustainable event tips from Certified Meeting Professionals who strive to produce green meetings and were anxious to learn more. In this collaborative workshop, everyone [...]

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Pamela Schwartz, BSR, Sustainable Event Champion & Hero

If you think your sustainable event practices are under a microscope, consider the responsibility Pamela Schwartz shoulders as she designs and executes the annual BSR Conference, one of the world’s largest and most influential corporate responsibility events hosted by Business for Social Responsibility, a global nonprofit business network and consultancy dedicated to sustainability.  As the [...]

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Silly to Serious

Alright, we like to have fun. We enjoy each other’s company. We laugh, play and poke fun at ourselves. Even the “Beautify the Bay CSR Project” turned hilariously competitive as this group of professional dumpster divers scavenged for discarded flotsam and jetsam. We also genuinely enjoy our work with our clients and their teams, many [...]

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A Letter to Our Readers

Why did Mariela McIlwraith, Shawna McKinley and I tackle this project? Why were we genuinely excited to write another book on sustainable events? Why did we gather in Vancouver BC armed only with index cards full of easy tips for green meetings and one grand idea? Because the practical know-how of how to hold a [...]

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They Say it’s Your Earth Day

In the musical words of the Beatles, “They say it’s your ‘Earth Day.’ Happy ‘Earth Day' to you!"  Alright, maybe not their exact words, but it has a snappy tune and I am sure they would agree. In celebration of making the planet a better place, one event at a time, I share this infographic [...]

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Oracle OpenWorld: They Have a Vision

If your sustainability vision for 2018 is to be “the most sustainable conference in the world” and your goals include producing zero waste to landfill, your green team must be doing impeccable work. If you are trying to accomplish this for a conference that convenes 50,327 participants from 145 countries with 11,946 hotel room nights, [...]


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