A Story About Sustainable Production vs. Sustainable Reduction

What do you see in the picture above?Hint: It's not often seen by event attendees…Answer: This is a pile of hundreds of waste bags waiting for sorting at a waste sorting station after a meal serving food on compostable, disposable service ware. It's also a picture of an event doing "the right thing."Here's What They [...]

The Role Companies Play in Sustainability

Change from Top-Down to Bottom-Up. We need both, don’t let corporate shame of personal responsibility distract from their impacts. So far, in my Environmental Realist Blog Series, I’ve focused on how we as individuals impact our environment. From driving and flying, to what we eat, to how disposably we live. If you’ve kept up, however, [...]

Hypocrisy and Understanding of Sustainable Living

As I’ve gotten older, my expectations of others have softened. After all, everyone arrives at the present moment knowing exactly what their experiences have taught them. I try not to presume to know: How someone has landed here. How their opinions have been formed. What makes them do what they do. I’m not always [...]

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Lessons from a Midwest Upbringing

There’s something about growing up off the beaten path that makes a person oddly proud. Don’t get me wrong, as I packed up the van 10 years ago with 3 of my closest friends headed west, "pride" was the last thing I felt towards my hometown. I was thrilled to be putting the Midwest [...]

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What Environmental Realism Means To Me

I hope this series can, at the very least, open a conversation about how we teach and learn about sustainability. My First Impressions I still remember where I was when I first heard about the now-infamous PETA activist tactics. I remember thinking they were a bit extreme, but hey they made a headline and entered [...]

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