• Why MeetGreen?

    MeetGreen is invested in your success, and committed to values of leadership, transparency, integrity and stewardship. We pride ourselves on customizing the best solution for clients. We are ISO 20121:2012 certified, to ensure high quality of service delivery for all event sustainability projects.

  • What’s the return on investment?

    MeetGreen’s clients and projects have received over 12 major awards for event sustainability, in addition to being featured in numerous articles publicizing our efforts. In addition, programs have helped clients to save more than 6 million in costs.

  • What do attendees think?

    MeetGreen encourages event organizers to seek participant feedback about sustainability efforts. Our clients have found that action on sustainability is consistently received favorably by attendees when their needs are considered upfront. In many cases, the impetus for sustainability programs come from attendees themselves!

  • Why focus on events and confereces?

    Events have significant environmental impacts. A typical conference attendee can product 319 lbs. of carbon and 3.6 pounds of waste. That adds up to 430 metric tons of emissions and five tons of trash over a three-day 1,000 person event!

  • Isn’t sustainability more expensive?

    Many waste-wise event practices can save money, especially in the early stages. Others can require added investment, usually because true costs are often not reflected in price tags. Our goal is to help you identify savings that can be re-invested in steps that may cost more. We can also suggest sponsorship opportunities to expand your budget.

  • What resources and tools do you have?

    MeetGreen has an event team that is confronted by sustainability challenges every day. We learn from every situation and take the extra step to create turn-key solutions that help you skip the learning curve, including procurement, measurement, communication and standards compliance tools.

  • What is sustainability?

    Sustainability is about living within the limits of our resources, and acting in a way that demonstrates that we are interconnected. Sustainability advocates work to ensure everyone can equally share in benefits created from events. MeetGreen’s approach pays attention to reducing environmental impacts and generating community benefits, while achieving business goals at events.

  • How can a consultant help us?

    Most event teams do not include sustainability expertise traditionally, and can benefit from outside help to identify how to reduce negative impacts and create community benefit. A consultant has specialized expertise to get you started on a temporary basis, or improve your event in a way that embraces a triple bottom-line permanently.

  • What should I expect?

    MeetGreen understands that everyone is at different points in the sustainability journey and that resources are limited. Our project managers get to know you, your event, and your aspirations before recommending solutions. At the start of your project we will discuss and confirm a timeline that works for you, including milestones and check-ins so projects stay on time and on budget.