Our carbon footprint assessment services are for organizations looking to dive deeper into the data of their sustainability efforts and goals. Your organization understands the critical importance of carbon accountability. You are looking for:

  • In-depth insight and metrics around its climate impacts
  • Meaningful strategies for mitigation and reduction

What Does a Carbon Footprint Assessment Include?

Despite the desire to take bold climate action, one of the most common challenges facing today’s teams is determining where to begin.

Our team at MeetGreen can comprehensively facilitate the process of:

  • Identifying your sources of carbon impact
  • Setting numeric baselines
  • Helping build a path towards achieving your climate goals

Identify and Benchmark Your Core Carbon Footprint Impacts

Identify And Benchmark Your Core Carbon Footprint Impacts

A Deeper Look into Your Carbon Footprint Materials & Choices

Common carbon accounting typically includes direct combustion, such as the burning of fossil fuels. Meanwhile, there exists a second more nuanced layer of climate impacts to consider in the realm of materials, actions, and choices. We refer to these as indirect carbon impacts. These could include the carbon embedded in our:

  • Materials
  • Foods
  • Daily actions

Insights here can truly advance your sustainability strategies to the next level when it comes to carbon footprint goals. Here’s an example:

You would like to reduce your tradeshow exhibit booth build’s carbon footprint by 50% over the next five years.

  • Initial benchmarks would be a necessary and powerful first step
  • Followed closely by a customized reduction plan

The two scenarios below help illustrate the MeetGreen Carbon Footprint Assessments in action.

Materiality Carbon Assessment

Rubber Reused 0
Aluminum Recycled 22,564
Concrete Recycled 12,258
Clothing – Cotton Landfill 13,548
TOTAL 48,370

Meal And Menu Carbon Assessment

Poultry 925
Fish 325
Vegetarian 92
Vegan 55
TOTAL 1,397

Be A Climate Leader by Utilizing Carbon Footprint Data

What is your company doing to help combat climate change? The MeetGreen Carbon Footprint Assessments are designed to equip your team with:

  • Data
  • Strategies
  • Communication tools

This will enable your organization to proceed with confidence as a climate-conscious corporate citizen engaging in one of the most crucial issues of our time. As we collectively embark into the United Nations “Decade of Action” communicating to your staff and stakeholders about your carbon footprint is no longer elective. Our goal is to tailor each carbon footprint assessment to the unique details of:

  • Your enterprise
  • Supporting those efforts with data
  • Codifying findings in an easy to read summary report
  • Advancing your climate goals and leadership

Summarize and Articulate Your Efforts Within Recognized Global Standards

Sustainable Development Goals
SDG #13 - Climate Action
SDG #7 - Affordable & Clean Energy

Whether it is a closer look at your team’s:

  • Commute-related or discretionary travel impacts
  • Carbon savings related to connecting virtually
  • Better event-material builds
  • Education around Green-e Certified offset opportunities
  • Paths to carbon neutrality

MeetGreen Carbon Footprint Assessments are an ideal avenue for organizations to access the information and insights it is seeking on the path to a sustainable future.

Carbon footprint assessments are designed to help you:

Carbon FootPrint Assessment Design

Why MeetGreen?

MeetGreen is a sustainability consulting firm that specializes in the events industry. With over 26 years of direct assessment experience in the built environment, we have assembled and refined one of the largest repositories of data on the planet regarding:

  • Convening of people
  • Nuances of their choices
  • Supply chains

We have also collected their associated wide-ranging environmental impacts. Events are often like a small city, and we have found that insights gained here are directly applicable to clients of nearly all size or industry across the globe.

Contact us to learn more about collaborating with MeetGreen to achieve your goals.