The World Around Us

Every day we turn on the news and see new realities unfolding around the world. Severe weather, increased levels of social injustice and newfound forms of radical terrorism. It can be tremendously intimidating to formulate a comprehensive plan that prepares your team for the extreme or unknown. Understanding that no two events or venues are ever the same, you wonder how you will develop a plan for the safety of all event attendees?

Event Safety

The safety and security of participants is a key component to organizing an event. The customized emergency response planning services should provide guidance and information to key logistical staff about the steps to prepare for and follow in case of an emergency. The plan should address emergency response procedures as well as specific protocol for the Emergency Response Team to quickly respond to medical, human-cause or nature-caused emergencies.

Factors To Consider

  • How Will Participants Respond?
  • What Role Will Your Team Play?
  • Forms of Communication During a Crisis

  • Response Time from Local Support Services
  • Evacuation Plans
  • Lockdown Procedures
  • Alternative Venue Options
  • Communication Command Center


MeetGreen offers a range of event response planning services to help your event or business prepare for today’s scenarios…

Highlight of Credentials

MeetGreen has created the roadmap for others to follow, and we continue to push the industry forward. For the past 25 years, MeetGreen has developed emergency response plans for our clients to assure the safety and security of the event’s participants. Our entire team is CPR certified and trained quarterly in event safety protocol. The expertise of valued associates gives us a depth of expertise to assist you.

Event Health, Safety, & Security

Alan Kleinfeld

Alan Kleinfeld is a seasoned and highly-sought after consultant, educator and speaker. With years in meeting management, his expertise runs the gamut from A to Z. However, it is his time as a public safety officer that gives him a unique viewpoint into conference safety and security. A few of his safety subjects include site selection, emergency operations, workplace safety and crisis communications. He also conducts site analysis for planners and suppliers wanting to have the safest venues for their meetings and events. In addition, he’s completed training specific to health-related safety. Lastly, he continues to serve as a law enforcement officer.
Designations: CMP, CMM, LEO, MTA.

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