A Systematic Approach to
Improving Events, Sustainably!

FAQ about ISO 20121

ISO 20121 provides a framework to identify and effectively manage event sustainability issues and enhance positive legacies from events. Unlike a “checklist” approach to “green events”, ISO 20121 outlines a process to help event organizers get commitment for clear sustainability objectives that can be measured. For more information we invite you to read and share this FAQ about ISO 20121.

MeetGreen is an ISO 20121 certified company. Our first-hand experience with sustainable event management systems provides us with unique expertise to help other event professionals do the same, either through:


Consulting to implement your own system.

Providing Support

Providing support through the auditing and certifying process.


Identifying gaps in your existing system.

All good certifications start with a good sustainability policy. Here’s a template to get you started.

Contact us to learn more about collaborating with MeetGreen to achieve your goals.