At MeetGreen, we understand that registration is the lifeblood of any conference; after all, attendees are why the conference exists! Registration fees are a major source of funding for many organizations, and reaching attendees is why your exhibitors exhibit and sponsors sponsor! We will work with you to fine tune the necessary requirements of the event registration process to include setting up the online registration system, emailing confirmation letters, processing payments, producing registration reports, producing name badges and managing on-site registration.
We utilize a secure online registration system for attendees and affiliates inclusive of a secure credit card processing system. A web-based registration system will be used which allows attendees to register and submit payment online. Registration management and reporting is done entirely from this system. Pending availability through the system chosen, the following may be provided:

Pre-Registration Services Details

  • Customize registration system for your events “look and feel” with links to your website
  • Test registration system to ensure proper processing of accounting, acknowledgements, producing name badges, etc.
  • Provide registration coupon codes for distribution to stakeholders who should receive complimentary or discounted registrations
  • Provide a web page with survey questions, if needed
  • Receive registration forms through an online registration system
  • Upload pre-existing registrant information, if provided in an Excel document
  • Provide assistance to attendees throughout registration process
  • Report advance registration numbers and financial information on a weekly basis
  • Process credit card charges using your existing merchant account
  • Accept payments by check or credit card, and work with you to process those payments
  • Review and proof registration database to eliminate duplicate registrations and ensure accuracy and completeness of information
  • Ensure automated custom confirmation email to all attendees
  • Send blast emails to registered attendees as requested
  • Design name badge, order badge stock and badge holders (badge stock, holders and lanyards will be charged to client at actual cost)
  • Laser print and stuff name badges
  • Produce registration check lists for use on-site

Registration is your attendees’ and partners’ first impression of the conference. We will manage your registration desk professionally and efficiently, to enable attendees to participate in event activities as soon as possible. We will:

On-Site Registration Services Details
  • Provide appropriate registration managers onsite
  • Coordinate all arrangements for registration station(s) as appropriate, to include:
    • Coordinate registration personnel per event requirements, including volunteer and temporary staff
    • Provide training for onsite registration personnel as necessary
    • Establish the onsite registration and reconciliation procedures including procedures for opening and closing out the registration operation daily
    • Staff the registration area appropriately during agreed upon times throughout the event
    • Process all categories of registration including payments
    • Produce updated registration reports on-site as requested
    • Laser print name badges as needed

It’s critical that post-event, you get good information to know where you stand financially, and how to plan for next year. With that in mind, MeetGreen will:

Post Event Registration Services Details
  • Assist with final reconciliation of financial records with registration detail reports
  • Provide one-time invoicing of returned checks, declined credit, or unpaid accounts
  • Provide a final registration report listing all registrants, attendees, payments received and payments due

Registration is a time consuming and detailed process, let us take that weight off your shoulders, so you can focus on the most important aspects of your event! To summarize, our services include:

Summary of Registration Services Details
  • Online registration form design
  • Database design and maintenance, including online registration system
  • Confirmation emails
  • Pre-registration data upload
  • Registration payment processing and reporting using a designated merchant account
  • Weekly registration reports provided electronically in Excel format
  • Name badge design, production and distribution
  • On-site registration manager(s)
  • Final registration report

Because system capabilities and costs vary, registration system licensing fees will be paid by the client’s organization.  We will be happy to recommend a system or demonstrate a few, so that you can find a system that meets your registration needs and budget.