IMEX America 2022 Sustainability Report


IMEX America 2022 is a 3 day event with 12,000 attendees. Their planning includes sustainability and they build upon these milestones every year. Here are some highlights from this event: 91% of all IMEX printed signage was reused, repurposed, or recycled. 19,499 of single-use plastic eliminated event-wide. 119 kg of event food donated to the [...]

Understanding Event Emissions: The Carbon Puzzle


Event emissions are complicated. We understand there's a lot to take in and process. This infographic breaks down each of the components from the largest to the smallest event emissions footprint. Understanding emissions sources is key to achieving significant carbon reductions at events.

ReFED 2023 Food Waste Solutions Summit


The ReFED 2023 Food Waste Solutions Summit saved 2,598 kilograms of waste through its sustainability efforts. That is equivalent to the weight of 18 baby elephants! Learn more about the accomplishments of this sustainable event by reading the whole report. Read Case Study

How Far Can You Travel on One Metric Ton of Carbon?


Have you ever wondered about your carbon footprint for travel? If so, we have an infographic for you! We measured out how far someone could travel on one metric ton of carbon. One metric ton is the equivalent of 1,000 kg or 2,204 lbs. How far will that take you? One metric ton can only [...]

ROSCon 2022 Event Sustainability Report


ROSCon 2022 was held in Kyoto, Japan which may seem like an unlikely destination. However, by holding ROSCon 2022 in the same location as IROS 2022, attendees could attend both without adding to their travel emissions. This one consideration did more to reduce emissions than any other improvement aside from holding the event fully virtually! [...]

IMEX Frankfurt 2022 Sustainability Event Report


Highlights from the IMEX Frankfurt 2022 report include: 100% of our venue electricity being powered by renewable energy 99.5% of show waste was diverted from landfill 95% of event service ware was recyclable or re-usable 635kg of event material was recovered and donated to the Frankfurt community Achieving MeetGreen’s highest standard of sustainability scoring – [...]

Carbon Footprint of Food


What do you know about your event menu and its carbon footprint? Planning a sustainable menu should also include consideration of the carbon footprint. The "Event Food Carbon Calculator" was used to create this infographic that show's the carbon affect on a 100 person event meal. Rating the foods we selected  as high, medium, or [...]

2022 MeetGreen Staff Retreat Sustainability Report


The 2022 MeetGreen retreat is an annual meeting that gathers the team together in Netarts, Oregon. This meeting was thoughtfully planned to include sustainable practices to reduce the environmental impact. Recycling was one of many strategies that were used which resulted in 93% diversion rate from landfill. Read Case Study


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