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                           September 2016


Hero - Michelle Guelbart

Hero - Michelle Guelbart

When MeetGreen had a team training on human trafficking, it was a tough conversation about an even tougher issue. We knew, however, that our work on the road, in hotels and meeting venues gave us an opportunity to be part of the solution.

Our hero this month Michelle Guelbart, Director of Private Sector Engagement, ECPATUSA, has had those hard conversations daily for years and she is still as passionate and committed as the day I met her. That is a hero!


In a recent interview, Michelle shared her insight on the following questions:


  • Has your industry changed dramatically in the past five years?
  • What changes do you anticipate in the next five years? Are there any trends that concern you?
  • Which stakeholders are the driving force in stopping human trafficking initiatives?
  • What is the biggest obstacle still to be overcome?
  • How can we, as a community and individuals, get involved to make a difference?


Where Will You Find Us
MeetGreen Out & About

You might be wondering what projects MeetGreen is working on and where you may run into our team during the fall season, and you are in luck! We have created a list of all the fantastic events where you will find us managing and greening our client’s conferences. 

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The Code
The Code

The Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct is the only voluntary set of business principles travel and tour companies can implement to prevent child sex tourism and trafficking of children. The Code is a joint venture between the tourism private sector and ECPAT.

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C Is For Carbon
C Is For Carbon

When sustainability meets the events industry the terminology grows to a point where we all need help. Help is here in the form of a glossary we have compiled over many years and contains both event and sustainability terminology. 

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