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                           October 2016


A Day in the Life of aA Day In The Life Of A Sustainability Event Manager

Sustainable Event Manager
Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council’s (SPLC) Summit 2016 hosted at Kellogg Conference Hotel in Washington DC this spring was an inspiring week focused on best practice sharing, training, and relationship building amongst purchasing professionals. Here’s a peek at a day in the life of those tasked with keeping the conference engine chugging.

6:30am – Good Morning!

The MeetGreen team is on site advancing the meeting by making sure the rooms are set up correctly, signs are in place, and registration is tidy and ready for a warm welcome to attendees. Recycle bins are affixed with instructions on what is and is not allowed in the containers. We want to make sure cross contamination is kept to a minimum to avoid that bin going straight to the dumpster!

8:00am- Registration and Breakfast

Conference logistics are in full execution mode but the conference team is also keeping an eye out for the shade grown organic coffee and making a bee line as soon as it comes out. Other delicious features include cage free organic eggs, and seasonal fruits sourced within 100 miles of the conference venue go like hotcakes!


9:00am – Keynote Kickoff

Excitement is in the air as the conference officially kicks off. Our production manager makes sure the rolling slides include sustainability facts and encourage attendees to make sustainable choices throughout the conference.


Location Location Location
Location, Location, Location

It turns out the real estate agents were right. Location really does make a difference whether you're looking to buy a new home or scoping out a meeting destination.


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IMEX 2016
Are You Ready For IMEX16?

IMEX America is October 18 - 20. Sustainability Project Manager Romana Cohen has some great tips for you! Watch the video to learn more.


Even if you are not going to IMEX16 watch the video as an example of what you could do for your next event

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Fun Fact Friday - All About Carole
Get To Know Us

We know it's not Friday but we're sharing a post from our Fun Fact Friday series so you can get to know the MeetGreen team better! Meet Carole Garner Director of Conference Management. 

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