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Community News - November 2017

CSR Project

Design the Right CSR Project for Your Event

Less than a decade ago, corporate social responsibility activities were unheard of during conferences and events. Today, a majority of event organizers are including them in their program. The most popular form of social responsibility for meetings is a community or legacy project. Community projects fall into the “Feel Good, Look Good” category of CSR, where the projects contribute to a sustainable cause and provide promotional benefits to the sponsoring organization. In addition, they provide the personal experiences participants are now craving during conferences.

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Interested in the hottest (no pun intended) trends in cool sustainable events? Here are two on-demand webinars to inspire your organization’s event marketing and planning teams.

Are You Creating Sustainable Events? – #EventIcons Episode

Green Meetings: Creating Sustainable Planners & Attendees

OOW India 2017

Oracle OpenWorld India 2017 Event Case Study

Oracle OpenWorld India had four event sustainability goals: Waste Not, Be Cooler, Give Back and Have Fun. Here are highlights of the team’s 2017 accomplishments in this complicated and beautiful country.

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