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                           March 2016


Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign


Whether helping participants find their way, acknowledging sponsors or providing visual brand impact, signs are a staple for events.


In fact, if every meeting held in the USA each year used one banner sign, it would use enough material to cover approximately 760 American football fields* Of course not all meetings use banners, but have you ever thought about how much sign material you do use? And the impact it can have on the planet and your budget?


For example, some signs may use harmful chemicals in their production. Others may be more durable allowing you to save money through reuse or include recycled content. Some maybe technically recyclable, but are often not practically recyclable at venues. Making the right choice can be sticky, so it pays to learn which choices are most sustainable.


Lucky for you, MeetGreen is sharing some great sustainable sign tips this month.


The MeetGreen Sustainable Event Kit is an invaluable resource designed to make your sustainable event planning easier. We’ve distilled hundreds of hours and many years of experience into the best practices, vendor surveys and contract language included in the Kit.


There is no better way of understanding the value of these tools than experiencing them for yourself. MeetGreen is giving away a sample of the Signage Kit on the Sustainable Event Kit page.  We are now featuring the Signage section, including best practices and a vendor survey.  In the future, we will release other helpful – and free - sections, such as Destination, Accommodations, Venue, and Audiovisual. 


Try out these tools for yourself and consider purchasing the entire Sustainable Event Kit to get all 10+ event categories. Also included are APEX/ASTM Standards assessment forms that can help track and measure compliance with the Standards and If One Attendee…, a handy fun fact generator that calculates a variety of environmental impacts based on the number of attendees at an event.


MeetGreen Sustainability Report: How Did We Do? 

When you’ve saved your clients over $6 million cumulatively and helped their events reduce their environmental footprint, it’s worth sharing.  Check out the rest of our 2015 successes, challenges and opportunities.


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