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                           July 2016


A Day in the Life of a Dumpster Diver

A Day in the Life of a Dumpster Diver

What’s involved in greening an event for over 4,500? What happens on a typical day at the show? MeetGreen Sustainability Project Managers Aaron Elliott and Romana Cohen recently worked at the 2016 Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio. This is an annual event for the association and they wanted to show you a behind the scenes look at what a Sustainability Project Manager’s day is like.
6:00 AM - A typical day starts with a quick jog by the river in Columbus. Humid already. Grateful for a moment of nature, fresh air, and local sights before the intensity begins. One must practice personal sustainability in order to be an effective change maker. Scoping out the local bins.
7:15 AM - Our role as sustainability consultants onsite is to be investigators, anthropologists, teachers, facilitators and leaders. A typical day starts by checking out the recycling situation in the hotel lobby on the way to the convention center. What material are the cups made of? Are the right bins in place? Are attendees using their own mugs and/or water bottles? Where can I find a quick breakfast on a real plate?
7:30 AM - Unitarian Universalist Association models a deep commitment to sustainability by gathering together a team of recycling volunteers (lovingly dubbed “dumpster divers”) who help to educate attendees on proper waste sorting. The green booth, pictured, is our sustainability HQ onsite. Here, we provide information about sustainability at the conference and act as a hub for volunteers and questions. This morning, the MeetGreen team synchs, we deploy our amazing recycling volunteers to various waste stations, then we have a quick check-in with the hotel, catering and convention center staff.
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The Most Innovative Green Exhibit Ideas
The Most Innovative Green Exhibit Ideas
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IMEX America Rises to the Challenge
IMEX America Rises To The Challenge

IMEX America is known for sustainable practices and reducing their environmental footprint even when they are welcoming 10,732 participants using 14,310 room nights visiting 3,100 exhibitors.
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BSR’s Sustainable Event is Walking the Talk
BSR's Sustainable Event is Walking the Talk

Invite Corporate Social Responsibility professionals to your event and you had better walk the sustainability talk.  That is exactly what Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) accomplished!
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