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                           August 2016


Your Brand is Green, Are Your Events?

Your Brand is Green, Are Your Events?

Congratulations to the top green companies as ranked by Newsweek in the 2016 Green Rankings! This highly-recognized assessment of corporate environmental performance tells the story of hard work, commitment and dedication to making the world a better place. We applaud you!


This recognition is just one example of company brands becoming known for sustainability and promoting healthier lifestyles both for the planet and people. Consumers, employees and the public are increasingly seeking out companies that are genuine and authentic.


Today, organizations showcase their brand through experiential marketing by hosting and participating in events, but what do these gatherings say about their business? Do key stakeholders who participate in these events see the companies “walking the talk” at the events? Or do they see excessive consumption without regard for scarce resources such as water and energy?


How Sustainable Was Rio 2016?
Rio 2016: Sustainability Success or Fail?

What you can learn from the Rio Olympics to make your events more sustainable, reduce risk and enhance your brand reputation.

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2016 Hall Of Fame - Shawna McKinley
Shawna McKinley Named Industry Builder
M+IT awards Industry Builder for 2016 to Shawna McKinley our Director of Sustainability!

Congratulations, Shawna, and fellow Hall of Fame inductees! 

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Serviceware Choices Made Easy
No Longer a Fork in the Road: Serviceware Choices Made Easy 
Do you know the right questions to ask when it comes to choosing serviceware for your event?
Let us walk you through the process with our handy info tree!
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