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As an organization, start by adopting a few common sense policies that will enhance the attendee experience. MeetGreen has designed a template to assist your organization in the development of a sustainability policy. It lays out the elements needed to create your organization’s sustainability policy broken into the following sections: Vision, Principles, Important Issues, Our Commitment and Scope, Objectives and Reporting.

In addition to this being an organizational policy template, it may also be used to develop a policy specific to your sustainable meetings. This format integrates elements requested under ISO 20121 and is in alignment with Events Industry Council Sustainable Meeting Standards. Download a sample to get started.

Next, communicate your expectations with all key stakeholders including sponsors, vendors, speakers, participants and staff. They will all feel good about participating and knowing what is being done on their behalf to promote healthier events. Use this Green Event Checklist to know what to ask for.

Sometimes a simple infographic can get the message across in a more visual form. Whether you need to know the steps for building a sustainable meeting supply chain, choices for sustainable menu planning, or how to avoid single-use plastic at events, there’s an infographic for you.

When sustainability meets the event industry, the terminology grows to a point where we all need help. Help is here in the form of a glossary we have complied over many years and contains both event and sustainability terminology.
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