Welcome to the new world of hybrid events. Not too long ago, a hybrid event could have been as simple as live streaming from the main stage to a virtual audience with no interaction between the online audience, the speakers, or participants in the meeting room. Today’s hybrid events are interactive, imaginative, and engaging.

The Choice is Theirs

Participants have quickly learned through virtual events; they can now have a front-row seat at events without ever leaving the comfort of their home or office. Participants want to have a choice. They will consider various factors when deciding about attending an in-person event, including higher costs and the inconvenience of travel, health & safety, responsibilities at home, accessibility, etc.

Organizers who provide the option to attend virtually or in-person through hybrid events now have the opportunity to be more inclusive and build strong communities.

Hybrid Meeting Strategy

Begin by asking a series of questions:

  • What are your goals in providing a hybrid conference? Here are some examples of what to consider in the beginning:
    • Broaden your audience
    • Revenue generation
    • Marketing vehicle
    • Promotional
    • Continuing education
  • What aspects of your conference do you want to present virtually?
  • How does a hybrid meeting play a role in your organization’s long-term strategic and sustainability plans?

Consider All the Elements When Planning a Hybrid Event

  • Budget impact
  • Meeting venue
  • Virtual platform
  • Speakers (more are available without travel to the event)
  • Sponsor/Exhibitor participation
  • Attendee participation both virtually and in-person
  • Carbon emissions savings
  • Post-event accessibility to content

Determine the Format

Single Event Site

Participants travel across the country to one host city for a traditional three to five day convention. No virtual option is provided.

Single Event Site

Hub and Spoke

The single event site broadcasts out to an additional world-wide audience who may enjoy the event from home or in a local venue with others.

Hybrid Event Example Hub and Spoke

Regional Clusters

There is no central event location. State or provincial chapters gather in a nearby city and are connected to other chapters online. There is some air travel associated with this scenario.

Hybrid Event Example Regional Clusters

Local Clusters

As with Regional Clusters, there is no primary event site. Members gather together at a local venue in multiple cities and are connected to each other online. There is no air travel in this scenario.

Hybrid Event Example Local Clusters


All participants, including the moderator, speakers, and sponsors, join from home.

Remote Only Gathering

Format Definition: Shawna McKinley, Eventcellany

The Choice is Yours

MeetGreen has the expertise and resources needed for planning hybrid events focusing on the attendee experience. A hybrid event can be beneficial in ways you hadn’t considered before. Now is the time to think outside of the box and give an online experience your attendees will benefit from.