Lessons in Leadership - Sustainable Food Festival?

Lessons in Leadership – Sustainable Food Festival?

When you are showcasing local, sustainable food, all eyes are on you to make the event as sustainable as possible too. From the initial planning stages, Nan Devlin and Meghan Burdick, Visit Tillamook Coast, led the charge to do precisely that. It should also be noted that this event was in a tent, on the Oregon Coast, miles away from traditional event resources.

Through mindful decisions every step of the way, the event organizers overcame challenges and demonstrated sustainability to all key stakeholders.

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BSR Case Study

BSR’s Commitment to Sustainability

For over 20 years, BSR has committed to event sustainability with the annual conference and 2018 was no different. A continued effort to minimize waste is a hallmark of the event along with mindful food and beverage choices from local vendors. This year, their Conference Sustainability Actions were directly linked with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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MeetGreenChat - Zero Waste

Zero Waste – MeetGreenChat

Zero waste is a very popular topic in events, in business, and even at home. There are many innovative ideas out in the world about zero waste and how to achieve that goal. In events it can be tricky to claim a zero waste victory, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. This month’s #MeetGreenChat discussed this very topic and here’s the recap on what our participants had to say about zero waste.

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