Cool Things Our Clients Do

Cool Things Clients Do – Corporate Responsibility Issue

What does it mean for organizations to actively promote corporate responsibility, especially during events where they convene their communities to further their work worldwide? In our series highlighting our clients and their innovative ideas around events, this issue focuses on Corporate Responsibility. Our clients have been up to some cool stuff! Environmental Justice Walking Tour [...]

Cool Things Clients Do – In the Eye of the Beholder

Attendee Experience The host organization of an event says they are sustainable and use the earth’s resources wisely. Are the attendees experiencing the sustainable initiatives? Are they learning how to convene sustainably? What Should an Attendee Expect? For example, if the event organizer states they are reducing the event's carbon emissions, what should you, [...]

Cool Things Our Clients Do – Giving Back Edition

Giving back is key to your organization's impact on the host city of your event. Organizations meeting in a destination can have either a positive or negative impact on the community. An increased focus on communities regarding health, food scarcity, and environmental factors, gives hosting organizations an opportunity to make a real difference—to DO GOOD. [...]

Cool Things Our Clients Do: Event Materials Edition

Rethinking How We Meet…It Matters The best place to start having a more sustainable event is often by rethinking the materials we use in an event. Rethinking how the materials were used in the past will save considerably on time, money, and the environment moving forward. Ask your team these questions at the very beginning [...]

Cool Things Our Clients Do: Food Edition

Our corporate clients are on the cutting edge of sustainable events. They know how we meet matters, and their leadership drives the demand for sustainable initiatives. These organizations are changing the sustainable event scene forever through: Sound planning Vendor engagement Significant buying power In this post, we concentrate on three food-related "cool things our clients [...]

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