Sustainable Event Specialist – Contracted

I. Primary Functions

  1. Provide logistical coordination for a variety of projects including conferences, meetings, and special events
  2. Provide live day meeting support either virtually or in-person
  3. Work with a variety of tech platforms and apps
  4. Implement MeetGreen’s minimum environmental and social equity guidelines
  5. Adhere to project timeline and budget

II. Scope of Work may include one or more of the following for each event:

Logistics Management

  1. Provide logistical coordination oversight or assistance for a variety of projects
  2. Manage activities related to securing venue and/or platforms for meetings
  3. Act as onsite support to ensure implementation of event specifications
  4. Provide project support including logistics tracking, staging guide production, and technology related tasks
  5. Coordinate food and beverage arrangements
  6. Coordinate vendor logistics such as audiovisual, technical engineering, platform provider, transportation, entertainment, staffing, etc.
  7. Develop signage plan production and placement

Speaker Management

  1. Manage invited speakers and guests (e.g., opening session, breakouts, or workshops) including registration, speaker agreements, and receipt of photos and bios. Coordination of any details or presentations
  2. Coordinating speaker tech checks for virtual events
  3. Assist speakers onsite with uploading presentations, room arrangements and requests

Sponsor/exhibitor Management

  1. Exhibitor and Sponsor Fulfillment (communication of benefits and deadlines, event choices for sponsors, booth staff, follow up for receipt of logos, etc.)
  2. Assist client with development of sponsorship prospectus
  3. Assign booths with client and work with general services contractor on floor plan, etc.
  4. When applicable, work with client on outreach to potential sponsorships through an agreed upon system with automatic invoicing, e.g., from list established by client

Registration Management

  1. Manage event registration process for potentially, several concurrent events
  1. Develop registration management and communication process for the client and staff
  2. Develop and manage the registration system timeline for the conference and assure all tasks are completed by the appropriate party at the appropriate time
  3. Work with client to arrange registration details and build the registration form
  4. Maintain relationship with client throughout the event process to ensure needs are met regarding their expectations and the duties outlined in the contract
  5. Provide registration analytics compliant to GDPR
  6. Send out email blasts as needed through registration system for clients
  1. Provide assistance to attendees throughout the registration process. Work with attendees and clients to troubleshoot credit card transaction problems, send invoices, and process checks and purchase orders
  2. Manage negotiations with vendors relating to onsite registration needs
  1. Order badge stock, lanyards, and onsite registration equipment as needed
  2. Coordinate the electricity and internet needs for onsite registration and supervise set-up onsite
  3. Work with the Project lead to procure onsite temp staff for conference registration and manage temp staff when onsite
  4. Establish the onsite registration and reconciliation process including procedures for opening and closing out the registration operation daily
  5. Assist with final reconciliation of financial records with registration detail reports
  1. Manage onsite registration (In person only)
    1. Print badges and organize other items to be distributed at registration
    2. Print signs, staging guides, tickets and any other items needed
    3. Process conference registration transactions and attendee questions, assuring excellent customer service
    4. Enter checks, purchase orders, and wire transfers into database system on a regular basis

III. Standards of Performance

  1. Serve as project support on conferences, events and special assignments
  2. Be adaptable to changes in workload
  3. Comfortable working across multiple client projects
  4. Resourceful, thorough, and diligent approach to research
  5. Attention to detail
  6. Ability to critically analyze complex problems and propose solutions
  7. Meet deadlines
  8. Exceptional communication skills (written and verbal)
  9. Maintain high level of professionalism and provide exceptional customer service
  10. Enjoy and take pride in your work
  11. Have a personal commitment to using the Earth’s resources wisely

IV. Job Qualifications

  1. Proficient in Microsoft Office software (including Excel, Access, Word, Outlook).
  2. Familiarity with event platforms, registration software or complex databases preferred
  3. Have the ability to work independently, with a team, and able to support others
  4. Expertise in setting priorities and time management
  5. Excellent communications skills
  6. Flexibility and adaptability in problem solving on the fly
  7. Ability to think several steps ahead while keeping important details in mind
  8. Experience and skill in the event industry highly preferred
  9. Willingness and ability to travel

V. Hours

This position will be project-based by contract, hours will vary based on event scope. Rates negotiated at contract signing.

VI. Location

This is a fully remote position. Travel required.

MeetGreen is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, age, disability or any other protected class as defined by federal and state law.