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April Hammel is certified in Emergency Preparedness for Events and brings a background of event planning, contract negotiations, meeting facilitation and leadership in addition to overseeing the emergency response planning for MeetGreenā€™s clients. As a past Red Cross CPR Trainer and avid safety and security advocate, April created the Emergency Response Planning Template.

Are You Planning for Potential Emergency Scenarios?

As a meeting organizer, you are asked to coordinate a mountain of logistics with the expectation of producing an event that is pleasing and meaningful to attendees, sponsors, board members and other stakeholders. To deliver such an event requires considerable attention to detail and a high level of coordination and communication between your team members [...]

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Time for an Emergency Response Plan

The event dates are set, the venue has been selected, and the contracts are in place. Let the planning process begin! As an event organizer, you have an enormous amount of logistics to coordinate and massage into place as the event rapidly approaches. Everything from the event schedule, to registration, speakers and sponsors, food and [...]

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