What We Do

MeetGreen is a sustainable event management agency helping organizations produce events to deliver targeted business results.

We are a certified women-owned, ISO 20121 business and operate with carbon neutrality.

Vision and Values

  • We are creating a sustainable and equitable future.
  • We care for the planet and all her people.
  • We believe in the power of human connection.
  • We create space in which all people are treated fairly, equally and feel welcome.
  • We believe in inspired optimism.
  • We thrive on challenges and love to learn.
  • We embody the spirit of collaboration and teamwork.
  • We believe in bold action and every little bit helps.

Our Principles of Conduct

Priority Issues

MeetGreen acknowledges that event planning has significant impacts, which are both negative and positive. Since 2007 we have collected extensive event footprint data for over 143 event projects. We’ve learned the typical conference event attendee produces:

We strive to work with our clients and their suppliers to influence footprint reductions in all of these areas so that we can continue to enjoy events in ways that are also more environmentally and socially responsible. While our company may be small, our influence is significant, especially given our clients are also committed to these goals.

As a sustainable event management and consulting agency, MeetGreen’s fundamental business operations were forced to shift dramatically due to global disruptions and restrictions related to COVID-19. These challenges presented opportunities both for innovation and new advanced metrics, as well as continued ongoing assessment against previous corporate historical baselines and categories. In 2022 MeetGreen supported:

Corporate Sustainability Report 2022

We monitor our success in addressing sustainability issues and living our values by measuring. For physical events, the MeetGreen® Calculator scores for our two primary types of event projects: conference management (hired for planning services) and sustainability (hired for sustainability services). For digital events, measurement of sustainability impacts is assessed by an “UnCarbon” carbon saved comparison between virtual and in-person formats for each project. See below for key highlights from MeetGreen’s projects, programs, and operations in 2022:

MeetGreen 2022 Carbon Analysis
MeetGreen 2022 Event Waste Diversion
MeetGreen 2022 Event Waste Diversion
MeetGreen 2022 Event Waste Diversion



MeetGreen employed nine full-time equivalent positions in 2022. Given its move to a virtual office setting in 2022, MeetGreen no longer reports on property-level waste, electricity, or water consumption.

Company Carbon Footprint

Given its move to a virtual workforce, Scope 3 discretionary and project travel data is reported as MeetGreen’s corporate carbon footprint.

Total Carbon Emissions 2022
MeetGreen Carbon Emissions per FTE CO2e MT 2022
MeetGreen Air Travel 2022
BEF Carbon Emissions Offsets

Social Responsibility

MeetGreen’s approach to social responsibility employs policies and training for staff, community service and project work. We conduct ourselves ethically according to our motto “Be a Good Human”, and commit to abide by the laws impacting our activities, and exceeding requirements where regulatory guidance may be lacking.

Healthy Work Approach

Event planning is consistently ranked in the top five “Most Stressful Occupations” and MeetGreen is striving for a healthier approach. We manage events in a strategic manner and keep our team’s focus on anticipating needs and following an agreed upon plan constantly updated during the planning cycle.  In short, there are very few “emergencies” which need immediate attention.

To stay refreshed, focused and in a state of well-being, our team is not expected to respond to planning requests evenings and weekends unless it is immediately prior to an event or they are onsite and giving it 100% of their attention.

We share our philosophy to invite conversation and inspire others to join us in our commitment to employee well-being.


As early adopters of the UN Global Compact, MeetGreen staff receive orientation and training regarding the following upon hire, and a minimum of once every two years:

  • Ethics
  • Risk management
  • Accessibility
  • Privacy
  • Fairness, anti-harassment and anti-discrimination
  • Human trafficking, child labor and slavery
  • Corruption/bribery
In addition, when situations arise in today’s uncertain world, we quickly address them. During our weekly meetings, the entire team discusses the issue, our role as an organization, and necessary training which may be required to address it.

Community Service

MeetGreen finances and encourages service by staff. Service often includes voluntary involvement in industry committees that supports event sustainability. Given closures and restrictions for many in-person volunteer sites, MeetGreen Pro Bono hours have decreased slightly in 2020, 2021, and 2022 as a consequence. Staff projects and donations in 2022 benefited:

MeetGreen Team
Nancy Leading Our Team Retreat
Team Volunteering at Meals On Wheels

Project Work

Event projects also aim to create social benefit. In 2022 projects worked by MeetGreen benefitted 59 community-based organizations


MeetGreen is independently certified to meet the requirements of ISO 20121: 2012 for the planning and delivery of meetings and conferences and the provision of sustainability consulting services. Our company is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and reports annually on our progress. MeetGreen is committed to providing leadership within the field of sustainability management; through our work, providing education to the industry, and creating no-cost tools for the sustainable event industry. Measurements are collected by MeetGreen staff, using direct-reported data from vendors. Carbon footprint is independently calculated and offset by Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

ISO 20121: 2012
UN Global Compact

Archived Reports

2021 Corporate Sustainability Report
2020 Corporate Sustainability Report
2019 Corporate Sustainability Report
2018 Corporate Sustainability Report

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