That’s right, you would be green by now if you had hired MeetGreen to manage your event. We would have set you up for success by managing the conference logistics and using a sustainable strategy to green your event! All of this at no additional cost.

Here’s Proof

Let me share an example. We have had a client for over ten years who isn’t particularly interested in sustainable meetings. They hired us to manage their logistically complex tech conference. This ability is what MeetGreen was founded on, and we love it!

Early on, we talked to them about managing their conference in the most sustainable way possible. While not wildly excited about sustainability, as good citizens of the planet, they said we could work our magic if it didn’t cost them any more time or money. The initiatives had to be cost-neutral to the overall budget. We happily agreed.

What We Did

Here’s what we requested from our vendors and venue:

  • Caterer to provide reusable service ware at all meal functions
  • Sustainable menu options from the caterer, including two of the following:
    • Local
    • Organic
    • Seasonal
    • Fairly traded
    • Plant-based
    • Water-wise
    • Imperfect produce
    • Produce from a minority-owned farm
  • Venue to provide:
    • Recycling for paper, plastic, cardboard
    • Composting, if locally available
  • Sustainably sourced swag from vendors.
  • Bottled water to be eliminated from the venue.
  • Water stations be provided to refill attendee’s personal water bottles.
  • Donate leftover food to a local food bank.
  • Find local charities to receive leftover event materials as a donation.
  • Request that printed materials be eliminated or printed on recycled paper.
  • Ensure hybrid options are available to minimize attendee travel. Airline travel is the highest producer of greenhouse gas emissions for conferences. Reducing the amount of attendee travel saves time, money, and the environment.
Green Event Checklist

Sustainable Event Reports

MeetGreen tracked the results of our efforts for each event and provided the client with a sustainable event report. The first year provided a baseline, and subsequent years showed improvements.The MeetGreen team was thrilled with the outcomes and the ability to provide factual data (for our data-driven client). The client graciously thanked us for our efforts.

Importance of Sustainable Events

Ten years later, sustainable events have become increasingly important to the event’s key stakeholders, with sponsors and attendees asking about the environmental consequences of the events they attend. The host organization asked us for all the reports we had given them over the years to share with these stakeholders. They looked like heroes who had been working towards sustainable events for a decade, and we were their heroes for taking it upon ourselves early on to start tracking and reducing.

The moral of the story is that they hired MeetGreen, and they are green right now!