Adapting Events
Mastering Virtual Platform Integration
Expanded Speaker Management

MeetGreen has operated as a virtual company from the very beginning over two decades ago and we are adventurers in this world. More than ever before.

Adapting Events in 2020

At the beginning of the COVID 19 shutdown in March 2020, the MeetGreen team successfully converted the year’s first face-to-face meeting to a virtual event in ten days. To accomplish this all the ingredients of success had to come together:

  • We had a client (Fair Trade USA) who was a fantastic and willing partner.
  • Our team’s talent and skill sets enabled a seamless transition to meet the situation.

Pivoting quickly to meet this challenge was truly courageous for our client and our team. Once we had that platform-based experience under our belt, we knew we could continue to build the knowledge base and partners to do more. As the world continues to be in upheaval, if and how in-person events can take place, this expertise serves us well.

According to Investment Week, “Companies that do well on sustainability criteria are likely to be more resilient than those that do not when an unexpected crisis occurs.” Fair Trade USA’s Conference was an early example of the resilience that is built into MeetGreen’s DNA, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Mastering Virtual Platform Integration

Our conference management team has mastered the art of integrating with various platforms such as:

They research every new event technology and “stress test” the performance. Many new networking apps work well on the main platform, and others seem to fight all the way. By testing the various technologies, the team is prepared for a successful day at the event.

Expanded Speaker Management

Speaker management is now a critical area of virtual meetings. We have found to be paramount to the success of a session, the following are needed:

  • Training
  • Speaker manuals
  • Speaker tech check protocols
  • Live event green rooms
  • Online technical assistance during the session
UnCarbon Calculator
Digital Event Carbon Calculator Icon + cloud
My Event Footprint

Carbon Assessment Adapts to Virtual Events

As in-person events were canceling left and right, we shifted our sustainability consulting services to measure virtual events. The innovation and adaptation we focused on created a new tool to tell our clients stories. Thus, the UnCarbon Calculator was born. This is not something we had ever done before, but we knew we could do it, and it turns out, there was a need!

Clients were fascinated to learn that by meeting virtually, they saved 90+% of the carbon compared to meeting in person. This information gave our clients an important story to share. Looking into the future as we move forward to face-to-face events this data will be valuable for delivering content virtually through a hybrid component.

Developed Digital Event Carbon Calculator

As it became clear virtual events were here to stay, our team got to work creating the Digital Event Carbon Calculator, along with our partners at Clear Current Consulting. The tool is easy-to-use and requires just a few essential inputs to determine the carbon footprint of a virtual event, which, surprising to some, is not zero! Learn more about How We Meet Matters.

Produced Fun Facts Using My Event Footprint

We also continued innovating on the face-to-face and virtual fronts, producing My Event Footprint. This handy tool measures the impact of water, energy, and emissions for various choices, such as choosing chicken over beef at mealtime or bringing your own water bottle to a conference. The best part is it generates fun facts using day-to-day equivalencies.

Innovating for Our Clients

We have been innovating for our clients with tool creation and new approaches to projects. The above are the outward examples that can be shared, but of course, the innovation doesn’t stop there.

As we look back on this tumultuous time, it’s heartening to see all the creativity and innovation that’s been sparked and that MeetGreen is doing well by doing good by doing good.