Carmen Douglass

We are starting out the new year with a new Operations Director, Carmen Douglass.

Carmen will direct and coordinate all company operations incorporating MeetGreen’s vision, principles, and culture. In her new role, using innovative strategies to improve systems and process, she will provide the tools and resources for project members to be successful. We know Carmen will take us to infinity and beyond!

Welcome to MeetGreen, Carmen!

MeetGreen and the People Who Work Here

This company would not be where it is today without the hard work, commitment, and incredible resilience of our brilliant team. Describing themselves as “life-long learners”, I am proud and honored to have worked alongside these professionals for many years. It speaks well to our culture, our work and dedication to making the world a better place.

Britta Ehnebuske

Britta Ehnebuske – 14 years

Aaron Elliott

Aaron Elliott – 8 years

Denise Barker

Denise Barker – 5 years

Della Green

Della Green – 12 years

Pat Hart

Pat Hart – 6 years

Eric Wallinger

Eric Wallinger – 4 years

Kate Wilson

Kate Wilson – 9 years

Justine Pretorious

Justine Pretorious – 5 years

Jennifer Byrn

Jennifer Byrn – 4 years

Thanks to all of you for traveling together on this journey!