Do you want to see sustainability in action? IMEX America has always taken the leadership position since the show’s inception in 2011 and this year was no different. Follow along as we show you what we saw at the event.

Educational Tour

Educational tour of MGM Resort’s solar array. These solar panels helped power IMEX America with about 30% renewable energy during the event.

IMEX America 2021 Educational Tour
IMEX America 2021 Educational Tour Solar Panels

Visiting Lunas Recycling

MeetGreen visited Lunas Recycling to fully understand where some of IMEX America waste materials would go, the nuances of the local recycling market/infrastructure, and to help ensure they as much was diverted from landfill as possible.

IMEX America 2021 Lunas Recycling

Misfit Market

Misfit Market, where imperfect produce that otherwise might have been thrown away was used for a delicious juice bar as well as in soups during the show.

Misfit Market Imperfect Produce
IMEX America 2021 Misfit Market Sign

Menus Helping Attendees Choose Carbon Friendly Choices

Sustainability criteria for menu items shared with attendees. This year featured the event’s first ever “emissions friendly” coded options, which were items that required less carbon emissions to produce.

IMEX America 2021 Menu

Food Donations

Using an innovative blast-chilling system, to refrigerate recovered foods, thanks to partnership with MGM Resorts and Three Square food bank for donating food from the event.

Food Donations at IMEX America
Food Donations at IMEX America

Water Service

Beautiful water service in reusable glass bottles by Solus Sustainable Hydration.

Water Service at IMEX America

People & Planet Village

A diverse and sustainable education lineup and electronic signage in People & Planet Village.

Sustainable event materials education in People & Planet Village.

Digital Signage at IMEX America
What We Are Made of Signage at IMEX America

Draw a Tree to Plant a Tree

Draw a tree, plant a tree, a fun and engaging initiative, that helps “draw-down” carbon emissions.

Draw a Tree To Plant a Tree Signage at IMEX America

Miscellaneous Donations

Making it easy for exhibitors to donate small items they don’t want to ship home, which benefits the Las Vegas community.

Donations at IMEX America

Sustainable Service Ware

Sustainable service ware that integrates with the unique processes and specifications in the Las Vegas area. Organic items composted at IMEX America are bio composted into soil by Terra Firma Organics.

Sustainable Service ware at IMEX America

How We Meet DOES Matter!

IMEX America offered attendees the opportunity to tell their story with their Dear World activation in the Exhibit Hall. A great way to enhance connections onsite through storytelling. Eric our Sustainability Director was at IMEX America 2021 and participated in a photo shoot to share his story, “How We Meet Matters”.

How We Meet Matters at IMEX America

Are You Inspired?

With inspiration from IMEX, what can you do at your events? Share with us your inspirations to create a more sustainable event!