This month’s #MeetGreenChat was all about the risks, rewards, and resilience of event technology. The discussion touched upon a variety of technologies but did not cover it all. It’s a big topic to discuss and I’m sure there will be other opportunities to chat about it again in the future. For now, here are the highlights from this chat.

What cool technology have you seen at an event you have attended or planned?

MeetGreenChat Q1 Eric Wallenger Answer

When it comes to networking online, what works and what doesn’t?

MeetGreenChat Q2 Aaron Elliot Answer

MeetGreenChat Q2 Sonia Harris Answer

When planning a hybrid event what types of technology do you think is the most important?

MeetGreenChat Q3 Peter Deitz Answer

MeetGreenChat Q3 Eric Wallinger Answer

How is this different from a virtual only event?

MeetGreenChat Q4 Peter Deitz Answer

MeetGreenChat Q4 Sonia Harris Answer

Events are experiential no matter how you meet. How can an event organizer create a memorable experience for online and in-person attendees at the same event?

MeetGreenChat Q5 Aaron Elliot Answer

MeetGreenChat Sonia Harris Answer

What are some examples of AI or VR technology for events do you think are interesting?

MeetGreenChat Q6 Eric Wallinger Answer

Badges have always been an important element to a conference. How do you see them changing in the future?

MeetGreenchat Q7 Aaron Elliot Answer

MeetGreenChat Q7 Eric Wallinger Answer

Would you consider an audio only element in an online event? Why or Why not?

MeetGreenChat Q8 Peter Deitz Answer

MeetGreenChat Q8 Sonia Harris Answer

Closed captioning and translation technology is important. What examples have you seen where an event has been successful at providing these features?

MeetGreenChat Q9 Eric Wallinger Answer

This is a BIG topic! Anything you would like to add that we haven’t talked about?

MeetGreenChat Q10 Peter Deitz Answer A

MeetGreenChat Q10 Peter Deitz Answer B

Event technology is an interesting topic that I think we could all keep talking about. Thank you to everyone who participate in this month’s #MeetGreenChat! Next month’s chat is on October 6th and the topic is Risk, Rewards, Resilience – Exhibitors & Sponsorships. See you there!