In this month’s #MeetGreenChat we discussed Earth Day! We had fun with some trivia questions and then share our own thoughts around Earth Day and celebrations.

What year was the very 1st Earth Day?

Why was it created?

What government agency was created because of the Earth Day movement?

Who was the focus of getting the word out for Earth Day in the very beginning?

Are there any specific organizations that you volunteer at or donate to for Earth Day? What are they?

What are some examples of how you or an organization can offset your carbon footprint in honor of Earth Day?

What is your favorite way to participate in Earth Day?

What are some resources for Earth Day that you would recommend?

What are some simple actions you can take on Earth Day and year-round for improving the world we live in?

What is your favorite take-away from today’s topic?

Thank you to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing you in May on the 5th at 11AM PT.