Hybrid meetings is the topic for the #MeetGreenChat on Wednesday, March 17th, 2021’s! Join us on Twitter at 11:00 AM PT.

What are the key components of hybrid meetings?

What do you want the attendee experience to be like?

What is the biggest opportunity you see for hybrid meetings?

What kind of budget impacts are you expecting?

Will there be different staffing roles for a hybrid meeting? If so, what are they?

What do you think the first step will be in planning a hybrid meeting?

Will you limit the number of attendees? If so, how will you do this?

Networking is a key component to any meeting. How will you connect on-line and in-person attendees?

How will you address Q & A sessions for all attendees?

When will you be holding or attending your first hybrid event?

Any other thoughts around hybrid meetings?

Thank you to everyone who participated in the “Hybrid Meetings” #MeetGreenChat! Our next chat is scheduled for April 7, 2021 at 11 AM PT! See you there!