This month’s #MeetGreenChat discussions were around event planning and COVID-19. We wanted to take the time to start thinking about hybrid and in-person meeting planning. To help us with the discussions we invited Alan Kleinfeld who provided the questions and participated in the chat. Here are some highlights of “What’s New with COVID Event Planning?”:

What’s the soonest you or any of your clients planning on an in-person or hybrid meeting?

What challenges do you anticipate for hybrid or in-person meetings this year?

What kind of budget concerns do you have for hybrid versus remote?

How often do you seek updates on C19? From what sources?

For hybrid events, do you plan on handling C19 yourself? Why or why not?

What protocols do you plan to enact for hybrid meetings?

For hybrid events, what Duty of Care policy have you drafted?

Do you also include a Code of Conduct for attendees?

What kind of support do you expect from your venues for hybrid events?

Let’s say we get a handle on C19, what do you think events will look like in 2022 and beyond?

Thank you to everyone who participated in this important discussion! A special thanks to Alan Kleinfeld for providing the questions! See you on Twitter for the next #MeetGreenChat on 3/3/21.