Have you heard of the “R’s of Sustainability”? The most common are “REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE”. On this month’s #MeetGreenChat we delved into each of those and more! The discussions around the R’s were very interesting and informative. Lot’s to think about when you are trying to do your best with sustainability at home, work, or events. A few of the highlighted discussions are below for you to learn from.

Have you heard of the R’s of Sustainability?

RETHINK, REIMAGINE, REFUSE, REDUCE, REPAIR, REGIFT, RECOVER, RECYCLE, REUSE, REPURPOSE, REDESIGN, & REGENERATE are the R’s we’ve come up with. Which of these are your favorites?

What is an example of what you have done in your event to REFUSE?

What is one thing in your event you have done to REPURPOSE?

What are some examples of including RECYCLING in your event?

What is one thing you have done at your event to RETHINK?

What can you REUSE at an event?

How can you REDUCE at an event?

What are some other R’s of Sustainability you can think of?

Are there any other examples you would like to share that we haven’t talked about? If so, please share.

I want to thank everyone who participated this month and look forward to our next #MeetGreenChat on Twitter at 11AM PT on 11/4/20. We’d love to see there!