There’s more to sustainability than just the environmental aspects. Another part of sustainability to consider is the “people” part. In our #MeetGreenChat we discussed just that! The topic was specifically “Let’s Talk About the People Part of Sustainability”. Our discussions led us to all kinds of things to consider when planning a event that focus on people. Take some time to review the questions and some of the answers that were shared.

What does social responsibility mean?

How can you give back to the host event community? Or at a virtual event?

What kind of donation programs can you include in your event planning?

What are some examples of volunteer projects that your attendees could participate in?

What does fair trade mean? Provide some examples of fair trade products you could include.

Sourcing locally is a win-win for the host event community. How have you implemented this strategy in your planning?

How can you ensure health and safety at venues & hotels?

Do you include verifying accessibility at venues & hotels? What is your process?

Human rights issues are an opportunity for events to improve social responsibility. Please give some examples you have seen or experienced.

Do you have examples of how you can select vendors or suppliers that provide safe work environments, fair wages, or ethical guidelines? What are they?

Any other thoughts or comments?