The #MeetGreenChat this month focused on “Sustainability as a Strategy for the Future (Sustainable & Safe)”. We wanted to start thinking about in-person events and what they could look like keeping sustainability and safety in the forefront of planning future conferences. The discussions on this topic were interesting, useful, and everyone had ideas that are worth considering.

What parts of an in-person event will change for safety but is also sustainable?

How could you change the registration process for safety that also makes it sustainable?

How could you work with the venue to provide food & beverage safely & sustainably?

Supply chains can affect your event, what are some examples you need to consider balancing safety & sustainability?

What does it look like when the supply chain is disrupted?

Are you prepared to provide a safety policy and what sustainable elements will be included in this document?

What are ways you can provide sustainable options for sponsors?

How do your exhibitors sustainably present to your attendees safely?

What are some sustainable and safe considerations around event waste management?

Any other thoughts?

As you can see there many aspects to planning a sustainable and safe event. It was great to start talking about the possibilities and I know in the coming months this will evolve and change over time. The discussions did give hope that we can continue with sustainable event goals by thinking out of the box. Thank you to everyone who joined today and we will see you next month on 7/1/20!