The discussion in this month’s #MeetGreenChat was designed to help one another and learn ways to reimagine events going through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Our topic of discussion was around if your event was Cancelled, Postponed, or is Going Virtual. How Would You Reimagine Your Event Going Forward?

Q1 Let’s take a moment and check in with one another. How are you doing?

Which situation are you currently in? Is your event continuing as planned, or has it been cancelled, postponed, or transitioned to virtual?

Is there a silver lining to our current situation when it comes to the events industry?

What kinds of questions help you to reimagine your event?

What are your goals for reimaging your event? Broaden audience, revenue generation, a marketing vehicle, promotional, continuing education or something else?

Are you looking for new ways to enroll sponsors? What are some ideas new or creative ways to enroll sponsors?

If there were no restrictions, what would you REALLY like to do with your event? What are the possibilities?

During this time are you using new apps for communications or connecting with other? What are the names of these apps?

When considering going virtual, what platforms would be viable to use for events?

What are the benefits of doing things differently for your event?k

Thank you to everyone who joined! The discussions around reimagining your event were interesting and I am so glad you were able to join and participate! The next #MeetGreenChat is May 5th at 11 AM PT. See you then!