Managing events is a challenge in and of itself. Then you throw in the unexpected and it’s a whole new ball game. This month’s MeetGreenChat discussed “Managing Events in Uncertain Time – Weather”. The weather is unpredictable and as a planner there are some things you can do to prepare for a crisis or emergency due to weather when it comes to your event management process. Here’s a recap of the discussion we had about events and weather:

Today we are talking about “Managing Events in Uncertain Times”. Would you consider weather related issues a challenge for today’s events?

Have you personally been affected by any issues related to weather?

Is your organization planning for weather related situations?

Have any of your events been affected by weather? If yes, give us an example of the issues you experienced?

Did you have an emergency response plan?

How would an emergency response plan help you respond to an emergency?

As a planner, what role would you play in responding to the emergency?

What challenges could you experience in responding to an emergency?

Should you have a designated team or team member from the event planning side responsible for leading the communications and ensuring the safety of the attendees? Who would you assign this role to?

How should the chain of command work in communicating to the team, the venue, and the attendees?

How will you plan for an emergency related to weather in the future?

We learned a lot about managing events and weather from one another. “Ounce of prevention pound of cure” is the take away here. Researching, planning for the unexpected, and documenting that plan so you can execute. To help you with planning for an emergency download our Emergency Response Plan Template.

Thank you to all of the participants for sharing their knowledge and experience! See you next month on 11/6/19 at 11AM PT.