Summer is over and the #MeetGreenChat is back! To get back into the swing of things we talked about “Tips & Tricks for Sustainable Traveling”. Great topic personally and professionally. Here’s a recap of what we learned:

Is traveling sustainably presently a part of your trip planning?

What are some items you could pack for your trip to help you travel more sustainably?

Do you think packing 1 less pair of shoes would make a difference on sustainable traveling?

If you bring a reusable coffee mug, what are some other ways you could use it?

What sustainable programs should you look for at your hotel that you could participate in?

When it comes to transportation, what are some other options you could use other than driving?

When it comes to eating out, what should you look for when ordering your meal?

Have you considered ordering a vegetarian meal? Why or why not?

Which option is the most sustainable choice: chicken or beef?

How could you avoid wasting toiletries provided by the hotel in your room?

We learned a lot of sustainable traveling tips from one another. There are so many options for each of us when we are traveling and considering sustainable opportunities we can act on. Anything from packing 1 less pair of shoes to choosing a vegetarian option when dining. To calculate your impact when you attend an event we have created the “My Event Footprint“. This tool can be used individually or as an event planner to provide attendees calculated numbers on their impact traveling and attending your event. Try it out for yourself!

Thank you to all of the participants for sharing their knowledge and experience! See you next month on 10/2/19 at 11AM PT.