When we looked ahead to planning topics for 2019 to discuss with our community, little did we know how spot on we were. At the top of the list was, “Organizing events in uncertain times.” Uncertain times are upon us and our events are heavily impacted. We are drawing on our resources to provide solutions and safety for our participants and key stakeholders in an ever-changing world. For example, within the past month, we have assisted clients who are dealing with:

  • Political unrest in Hong Kong and the UK
  • Social justice boycotts in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Race issues within their community
  • Mass evacuation of a hotel due to possible act of terrorism
  • Last minute venue cancellation due weather

In the coming months, we will concentrate on topics associated external forces on meetings and share with you MeetGreen’s learning from specific events. On October 2nd at 11AM PT, please join us on Twitter during our #MeetGreenChat to discuss “Managing Events in Uncertain Times”. Meanwhile please comment below to tell us the challenges you have faced.