There are many things to consider when planning an event, including planning your menu. This month’s tweet chat we tackled “What Makes Your Menu Sustainable”. This topic sparked great discussions about sustainable menus and we learned from one another that there are many things to consider to create a sustainable menu. Read on to find out what we learned from one another.

What are your top 3 go to’s for planning a sustainable menu?

What are some examples of water wise food choices?

How do you verify sustainable food choices for your menu?

How have you incorporated imperfect fruits and vegetables?

What does certified organic mean?

What seasonal fruits and vegetables are a staple during your planning?

What should you keep in mind when choosing locally produced foods?

What are the indicators that your coffee and tea choices are sustainable?

What food items are trendy and sustainable?

What challenges do you face when trying to include more sustainable options in your menu?

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Lot’s of great discussions about “What Makes Your Menu Sustainable”. Thank you to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing you on June 5th 11AM PT at the next MeetGreenChat!