This month’s topic for the MeetGreenChat sparked creative examples on how you execute sustainable event branding. This is a very large topic that we tackled in the tweet chat and I am sure we will discuss it again. Read on to find out what we learned from one another.

What elements are included in your event branding?

How do you promote your company’s image or brand at an event?

How can you promote a brand sustainably at an event?

What types of sustainable signage options are available to use?

What makes promotional items sustainable?

Do you have examples of sustainable promotional items?

How do you get your exhibitors and sponsors involved in your sustainability goals?

What technology strategies can be used instead of physical swag?

What are your plans for the unused or discarded swag?

What types of experiences have you provided at an event instead of swag?

As you can see this is a very hot topic and it’s important for companies and the event planners to consider how the brand is perceived. Planning, communications, and creative ideas are all key ways to sustainable event branding. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Join us for the next MeetGreenChat on May 8th at 11:00AM PT. Let’s share and learn from one another to make a difference in helping one another make the world a better place.