To kick off 2019 right we discussed New Year’s resolutions for greening events at this month’s #MeetGreenChat! Lot’s of great ideas came from the discussions during the tweet chat. Here’s are some highlights:

What are some elements that make an event green?

So many elements to making an event green, some easy wins were around serving condiments in bulk, banning single-use plastic, and providing water & coffee with reusable cups.

What are some sustainable practices that would be easy to implement into your planning for your next event this year?

Using technology to provide communications, eliminating swag bags, and mass transit were great answers to this question.

What are some sustainable food trends you have seen for 2019?

Using local sources was the number one answer among our participants! Other ideas were using less meat or plant based menu items and reducing the use of beef.

What are some options that you can include this year in your planning when it comes to leftover food?

We were all in agreement on donating to local charities!

What are some alternatives to providing single-use water bottles for attendees in 2019?

Water bubblers and reusable bottles were the topic of discussion that everyone seem to agree on for alternatives to single-use water bottles.

When it comes to conserving water what are your favorite greening practices you will include in your event planning for this year?

The unanimous answer to this questions is no pre-pouring of water glasses!

How do you avoid individually wrapped condiments?

The easiest way to avoid individually wrapped condiments is by providing them in bulk. There are a variety of condiments that can be set up in bulk for attendees to use.

What types of technology options can you include to make your event more sustainable in 2019?

Digital signage, mobile apps, and live streaming were the consensus here.

What is your number 1 goal for greening your next event in 2019?

Educating and getting the message out that sustainable practices are not costly and they are impactful.

What are some challenges you are experiencing in accomplishing this goal?

One of the interesting challenges that was provided was perception and history. This is very true that this could be very challenging to overcome but with education and communication around greening events you could influence and change others perception.

The discussion on “New Year’s Resolutions for Greening Events” events showed that there are some small and impactful ways to green your event. With the new year upon us what a great time to start creating some goals to make your event more sustainable. To help you come up with some ideas check out the following resources: Sustainable Menu Planning, Green Event Check List, and our New Year’s Resolution blog post.

Our next #MeetGreenChat is scheduled for February 6th! We hope to see you there!