It’s important to us at MeetGreen to provide useful ways to create sustainable events. We love to help educate the community with information that is actionable and easy to execute. We do this in a variety of ways such as infographics, templates, and case studies.

We are stepping up our game by adding a new resource for the MeetGreen community. In April we have scheduled our first tweet chat on Twitter to discuss a variety of topics ranging from sustainability to conference management.

What is a Tweet Chat

A tweet chat is an event on Twitter, usually at a specified time, around a topic, usually moderated and organized by a hashtag. Many of them recur on a regular basis. Some are once a week, some are monthly.

What Do You Need To Know

The MeetGreen tweet chat will be held monthly on the first Wednesday of every month starting in April. You can join in on the chat by following the hashtag #MeetGreenChat.

How Do I Join the Tweet Chat?

  • You can join in by the following tools:
  • Log into Twitter a little before the chat and go to the hashtag #MeetGreenChat
  • Use one of these programs in another tab of your browser to help you organize and participate:

What Can I Expect To See On the Tweet Chat?

  • There will be a moderator who provides questions for the participants to answer.
  • People will introduce themselves so you can get to know them.
  • Questions will post that will look like this: Q1) Where are you from?
  • People will answer the question like this A1) I am from Portland, Oregon.
  • Each question and answer will have the hashtag in the tweet so all the tweets will be located in one place.
  • If you are using Twitter to participate you will need to manually add the hashtag for the tweet chat. If you are using one of the tools mentioned above the hashtag will be included with each question and answer.
  • There will be lots of information during a tweet chat because people or answering the questions live. Sometimes tweet chats are super busy so be prepared for that.

When, What, and Where

  • First Wednesday of every month.
  • Our first scheduled chat is 4/4/18 at 1pm PT.
  • #MeetGreenChat is the hashtag for our tweet chat.
  • Tools to use:

Please join us to learn about Sustainable Menu Planning! We look forward to hearing your experiences and ideas!