As the holiday season ends, we thought it would be fun AND helpful to do a countdown with the 12 Days of Sustainability. Starting on December 25th we posted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts a useful sustainable event tip you could use during the holidays and year round! In case you missed them, here is the full list:

Give a plant as a gift that will keep on giving all throughout the year!
Gift A Plant

Donate to a local #charity instead of giving gifts.
Donate To A Local Charity

Use china instead of disposables for service ware.
Use China Instead of Disposable Service Ware

Source food locally (within 250 miles)
Source Food Locally

Select sustainable seafood.

Select Sustainable Seafood

Serve beverages in pitchers instead of individual disposable containers.
Serve Beverage In Pitchers

Compost prep food & table scraps.

Compost Prep Food & Table Scraps

Use reusable, edible, or living table decorations.

Use Reusable, Edible, or Living Table Decorations

Use cloth napkins instead of paper.
Use Cloth Napkins Instead of Paper

Serve fair trade, organic or shade grown certified coffee, tea and chocolate.
Serve Fair Trade, Organic Coffee, Tea, & Chocolate

Have recycling bins available for guests.

Donate left overs & unserved food to a local charity.
Donate Leftovers & Unserved To A Local Charity

Because green meetings happen every day, you can find more information about sustainable best practices with our Sustainability Event Kit.