Greetings from San Francisco, home of Oracle’s OpenWorld event! As a Sustainability Project Manager, my role during an onsite visit is to meet with all the vendors who play an important part in driving the sustainability elements of the event, take in all the sustainability sights and activities, and document EVERYTHING!

8:00am: Breakfast

Breakfast and run through the day’s events and issues we need to be on the lookout for: waste management, signs and graphics, food and beverage, and anything else that jumps out.

9:00am: Arrive Onsite

Oracle Open World

11:00am: Signs & Banners

While I look at signs and banners, I see one that will be repurposed after the event and made into draw-string backpacks. Oracle works hard to repurpose and reuse event materials.

Oracle Open World

12:00pm: Lunch Service Verification

A lunch check at one of the hotel venues shows that they are serving healthy meals and using compostable service ware for box lunches.

Oracle OpenWorld Lunch

12:30pm: Sustainable, Local & Organic

Oracle is really making it a priority to source sustainable, local and organic foods and beverages at the event. Oracle, along with partners Savor and Mosaic, has done a great job communicating this to attendees.

Oracle OpenWorld Local & Sustainable

12:45pm: Waste Check

During my waste check at the event’s Howard Street location, I meet a waste sorter hired by Green Mary. They help attendees sort their waste, an important way to help decrease waste.

Oracle OpenWorld Waste Check

1:00pm: Water Break

Time to get a drink of water from the water coolers on Howard St. that were procured by Hartmann. Did you notice the compostable cup? Oracle makes it a priority to use compostable service ware for all meals and breaks.

Oracle OpenWorld Water Break

2:00pm: Waste Sorting

Waste sorting check at Moscone Center. This crew is working behind the scenes to make sure that waste is sorted into the proper streams and that the compost is not contaminated with non-compostable items. Thank you for all you do to minimize waste at OpenWorld!

Oracle OpenWorld Waste Sorting

2:30pm: Exhibit Hall Check

We walk the exhibit halls looking at signage, carpet, and exhibit booths to make sure that as much of the materials as possible are either recyclable or reusable. This exhibitor specifically chose the green booth options offered by Freeman and appreciated that it also made good financial sense. Just goes to show you that green doesn’t have to mean more money.

Oracle OpenWorld Exhibit Hall Check

4:00pm: Sustainability Messaging – Check!

I take a moment to sit and watch the sustainability messaging cycle through on the huge screens. This one is communicating the importance of choosing reusable water bottles.
Oracle OpenWorld

5:00pm: Appreciation Event Pre-Check

Off to the Appreciation event held for the first time at AT&T Park. I take a quick peek behind the scenes at the sorting dock before the event gets underway and see lots of hands sorting through bags of trash. A look in the dumpsters shows me that compost, recycling, and landfill is being handled properly. Looking good!

Oracle OpenWorld Event Check

8:00pm: Appreciation Event Re-Check

Back to AT&T Park to check out the Appreciation Event while it’s in process. Lots of people waiting expectantly for the first act to begin. Another check back-of-house confirms that the waste sorting process is moving along smoothly.

Oracle OpenWorld Event Check

8:30pm: End of the Day

Because Oracle has chosen to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing busing to and from the event, I take a brisk walk back from AT&T Park to my hotel. My sustainability work is done, at least for today!

Written by:
Cressida Slote – Sustainability Project Manager